CPMs and Midwifery Educators:
Contributing to a New Era in Maternity Care

Co-Hosted by:
The National Association of Certified Professional Midwives
and The Association of Midwifery Educators

Latest Report From The Symposium – January, 2013
Welcome to Transforming Birth in America, the sixth edition of the CPM Symposium 2012 series of reports reviewing the content from the Symposium program. Symposium participants can recapture what was heard and learned and, along with those were not able to attend in-person, can browse through videos and presentation materials, updates from our speakers, news and resources. Revisiting the Symposium program can continue the dialogue and exchange of ideas, and help carry the rich content from the Symposium into our practices, our communities, our policy initiatives, and training the midwives of the future. Together we can keep the spirit of the Symposium alive – learning and growing together!

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