National Association of Certified Professional Midwives,
Association of Midwifery Educators,
National Association to Advance Black Birth (formerly ICTC),
and Citizens for Midwifery 
invite you to

May 11th - 13th, 2018

Planning for the Future of the CPM Profession

The 2018 CPM Symposium is a two and one-half day facilitated planning event bringing together midwives, childbearing people, students, educators, policy makers, funders, allied professionals and other stakeholders to plan for the future of the CPM profession.  Please join us!

How is the Symposium Different from a Conference?

We have designed a unique event, one that is not a traditional conference of clinical practice sessions or research presentations. With the support of three experienced facilitators, we will create an expansive and safe space in which to listen to ideas that may be different from the ones we typically hear when we think about our strengths and our challenges and as we search for solutions for the future…

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Shaping the Symposium Program with Your Input

NACPM envisions the 2018 CPM Symposium as a shared, community-derived, multi-stakeholder process – beginning with the planning of the program itself. Rather than NACPM determining the program on our own, we recently reached out through a broadly-disseminated survey to ask for your ideas, topics and speaker recommendations.  As we plan the program and invite speakers it is vital to us to understand what you think is most important for the development of the profession and what matters most to you as individuals and to your organizations…

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Why Now?

In 2012, NACPM hosted the first CPM Symposium. Priorities identified by Symposium participants became core commitments and priorities for NACPM for the past five years. Since then, the landscape for both midwives and for people having babies has evolved significantly. Historic US MERA consensus agreements have generated a surge of momentum for CPMs, and have improved relationships with allied professions and stakeholders…

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Symposium Vision and Convening Questions

The vision for the 2018 symposium is alignment of the CPM and stakeholder community around just what it will take to create a CPM profession able and prepared to meet the evolving needs of the childbearing population, including and especially the most urgent needs.

Question 1

What are the most critical and urgent needs of childbearing people and how can CPMs position ourselves to better meet these needs?

Question 2

How can we create a CPM workforce that reflects and represents the childbearing population?

Question 3

What innovations in education, policy, advocacy, and practice are needed to position CPMs to serve a significantly greater proportion of childbearing people?

Question 4

How might the care provided by CPMs serve as a model for improving the care that all childbearing people receive, regardless of where they choose to give birth?

Symposium Dates & Times

Friday, May 11

Symposium Day 1

8:00 am – 6:30 pm

Saturday, May 12

Symposium Day 2

8:00 am – 6:30 pm

Sunday, May 13

Symposium Day 3

8:00 am – 2:00 p

Can’t attend? Be a virtual participant via livestreaming. 

Participants in our virtual room will have full access to the symposium program and to all of the facilitated sessions.  You will be involved at every step of the way as we explore and create a shared vision for the future of midwifery. 

Our community-driven program will examine the most urgent needs of childbearing people, the impacts of federal and state legislation, how midwifery education can be made more accessible, and how we can make midwifery a more viable, sustainable profession.  Your voice will be heard with state-of-art interactive livestreaming technology and expert facilitation that brings you into the room.

CEUs are available to virtual participants.  Learn from leading experts in the fields of policy, education, business and more.   Discover for yourself the significance of breakthrough developments in social justice and what it will take to address equity in midwifery.  Bring your voice and perspective to these important conversations.

All you need is access to high-speed internet, time, and a pleasant place to sit (or even walk) while you are part of the action!


Symposium participants can expect to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the current needs of people having babies, especially those that are most urgent
  • Explore ways CPMs can position the profession to better meet these needs
  • Be updated and informed about current issues, trends and needs for the profession
  • Work together to build a shared understanding of the future direction for the profession and what is most needed for the profession to fulfill its purpose now
  • Identify priorities and next steps based on this shared understanding
  • Be inspired to join a community of stakeholders seeking to shape the future of the profession, bringing new vision, commitment and inspiration to our work as leaders
  • Support the emergence of new leaders and volunteers
  • Address the urgent need to eliminate inequities in the care of pregnant people and their babies and in midwifery
  • Take on individual and collective actions to move the profession forward
  • Re-energize a community commitment to state and federal legal recognition for CPMs
  • Develop a vision and commitment for building a racially, culturally and socially representative CPM workforce
  • Explore and plan together for creating access and meeting the needs of all aspiring midwives
  • Understand and address issues of sustainability for the profession
  • Provide direction for the agenda for NACPM and stakeholders for the next several years

Pre-Symposium Events

The day before the Symposium we’re offering the following optional events.

NACPM Chapter Event

A special one-day event for NACPM Chapter leaders and members. Thursday, May 10th at the William F. Bolger Center in Potomac, MD. There is no charge for this event. This will be the first-ever in-person community gathering of NACPM Chapter leaders and members.

Learn more

The Venue

Located just 15 minutes outside of Washington DC, the Bolger Center is within easy reach of three major airports. The 83-acre property features gardens, nature trails, sports courts, fitness center and a pool. 

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We are committed to keeping event fees as low as possible. Because the symposium is designed to bring participants together in a comprehensive, fully integrated process, there are no single-day rates.



  • NACPM, AME, CfM and NAABB (formerly ICTC) Members – $450
  • Non-Members – $600
  • Student – $350
  • CEUs – $35

Virtual Participation (Live Steaming):

  • NACPM, AME, CfM and NAABB (formerly ICTC) Members – $175
  • Non-Members – $220
  • Student – $135
  • CEUs – $35


ROOM RATE: $189.00 per night, plus tax ($213.57)
All accommodations at the Bolger Center are single-occupancy rooms with private bath. The price of the room includes:
  • All meals
  • Coffee breaks
  • Snacks

Don’t need a room?
You’ll still need to pay a day rate for use of the facility as well as lunch, coffee breaks and snacks. The day rate is $95 plus tax ($104.94) for day one and two of the Symposium and a day rate of $55 plus tax ($58.30) for day three.


NACPM Chapter Event – Free

A special one-day event for NACPM Chapter leaders and members. There is no charge for this event. This will be the first-ever in-person community gathering of NACPM Chapter leaders and members.This also takes place the day before the Symposium (Thursday, May 10th). Please book an additional night of accommodations. Learn more

CEUs – $35

Symposium participants will receive CEUs for qualified sessions from the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council (MEAC). The CEU application packet can be added for a nominal fee when you register for the Symposium.



The Chapter Event takes place on Thursday, May 10th, the day before the CPM Symposium. Please call the hotel at 301-983-7000 to reserve an additional night.

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