Our Intended Outcomes

    • A fresh, strengthened sense of ourselves as valuable and valued primary care providers and midwifery educators in the U.S.
    • A dynamic new community of CPMs and educators where many more voices are engaged in creating the maternity care system of the future
    • A mutually-held appreciation of the essential roles of education and professional association in strengthening the profession of CPMs
    • A clear sense of being equipped to act to achieve our goals
    • A deep appreciation of our past, our present situation, and an open thinking about where we can go from here
    • A renewed vision and concrete next steps for effectively carrying forward the profession
    • A variety of vehicles for engaging CPMs and educators beyond the scope of this event


    We ask ourselves: What will success for the profession look like if…

    • …CPMs are fully established as primary maternity care providers in the U.S.?
    • …the CPM workforce reflects the racial and cultural diversity in the U.S. population?
    • …CPMs serve underserved and vulnerable populations?
    • …CPMs serve childbearing women in all settings?
    • …educators and students have the resources necessary to prepare the CPM workforce of the future?
    • …CPMs achieve Federal recognition:  for midwives, schools, educators, preceptors and students?
    • …CPMs are fully reimbursed for the range of services and care they provide by all private and public plans?
    • …CPMs attend 5% of U.S. births in the next ten years?
    • …CPM schools and preceptors teach to evidence-based maternity care?
    • …CPMs fulfill their potential to improve outcomes for women and babies and reduce disparities in the U.S.?
    • …there are adequate educational opportunities to educate enough CPMs to fill the need for midwives?