Event Facilitators

  • We took the brave step of working with facilitators and new social technologies being used in forums all over the world to find new ways forward, to grapple with our challenges and difficult issues, and to seek out and learn a new style of effectiveness.  We benefited from the expert facilitation and guidance of Cari Caldwell and Shirley McAlpine from Birthwise Consulting and Future Considerations along with their colleague Michael McElhenie from the Metatropia Institute.
    Cari Caldwell is an executive coach, consultant and ‘organizational midwife’.  She has been working for over 15 years with individuals and organizations to support them in birthing their own highest potential.  She is co-founder and co-CEO of Birthwise Consulting and producer of the DVD Birthwise: Your Creation, Your Choice.  She is also a Director with Future Considerations leadership consultancy based in London, England a recent recipient of the 2011 WorldBlu Certification of the most democratic and freedom-centred organizations.

    Cari is passionate about bringing leading edge social technologies to bear on the critical issues facing pregnancy and childbirth today.  She believes, and has seen over and over again how committed individuals really can solve tough, stuck problems when the right people, the right process and the right timing converge.  Cari works with senior leaders in business, government and civil society through experiential initiatives that often integrate leadership, sustainability and diversity. Cari has worked in over 10 countries and her clients have included HSBC, The British National Health Service, KPMG, Ford Motor Company, Cadbury Schweppes, NACPM, PricewaterhouseCoopers, The Office of Fair Trading, several local UK authorities and NGOs.

    Cari has designed countless learning and change interventions. She has trained with the Strozzi Institute completing courses in Personal Mastery and Somatic Bodywork, the Intercultural Communications Institute, and the Newfield Ontological Coaching Network.  She is certified in the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), Richard Barrett’s Cultural Transformation Tool (CTT) and Leadership Values Assessment, holds a BA in Philosophy, History and International Studies from Northwestern University. She has completed course work toward her Master’s in Intercultural Communication through the Intercultural Communications Institute. Cari is a member of the Blu100 WorldBlu consulting team, and serves as member of the Board of AIESEC at the University of Wisconsin.

    Cari’s experience of having her first son Conor at a homebirth in the UK was a profound transition for her.  After researching endless books, DVDs, and courses about birth, and starting a course to train as an childbirth educator with the National Childbirth Trust, she felt that crucial messages and issues like encouraging women to trust their bodies, stories of natural birth, and the emotional journey to motherhood were – still – only a faint whisper and not reaching women.  This began her journey to bring her worlds of corporate consulting and passion for childbirth together.  Since then, she has been an active consultant and facilitator, locally and nationally, committed to healing the system of maternal and infant care so we can better serve mothers and babies. Cari currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin and is blessed to be mother to Conor -7 and Luca- 20 months.

    Shirley Gregoire McAlpine offers 22 years experience as a Facilitator, Executive Coach and Consultant. She is co-founder and co-CEO of Birthwise Consulting and producer of the DVD Birthwise: Your Creation, Your Choice.

    A specialist in leadership, equality, diversity, and individual performance, she has worked with organizations/individuals from the commercial sector, central/local government and Non Profits in the UK, Europe, Africa and the US. Her clients include, NACPM, Shell, Mellon, KPMG, Home Office, the NHS, 2 Sisters Food Group and International Cooperative Alliance at the United Nations, in her practice, Manzira Consulting Ltd.

    Shirley has an open, direct and intuitive yet empathetic style, with an emphasis on developing strong trust and rapport with her clients. Shirley has successfully been Lead Faculty on more than 30 Leadership programs on 4 continents for a global oil company. Shirley led transformational programs, for 6 years, to groups of 100 people. She is an accredited Intercultural Development Inventory Assessor (IDI), trained in Portland Oregon.  She is also certified in Robert Barrett’s Cultural Transformation Tool and Leadership Values Assessment (CTT). And recently undertook an advanced coaching programme underpinned in Emotional Intelligence & Gestalt theory and is set to be accredited by International Coach Federation in 2012. She is a Board member of Fawcett Society in UK, a leading national campaign organization standing for women’s equality.

    Her passion for the birth world began when she first gave birth. Then when Shirley  & Cari facilitated a midwifery conference on ‘Overcoming Disparities in Birth Outcomes’ in 2010, Shirley became clear about the work that she was being called to do: to empower the inspiring people and organizations that work to provide care and maternity services to women and the r families. And she has committed to work at all levels of the system/stakeholders to ultimately reduce the number of women and babies dying unnecessarily in childbirth. This is her daily work and her life’s work.

    Shirley is married to Dan, has two gorgeous children Honor 8, Ethan 4 and lives in London, UK.

    Michael McElhenie PhD serves as Managing Director of Metatropia Institute, a Dallas-based leadership development and change management firm. He is also a Senior Consultant for Stagen Leadership Institute, Teleos Leadership Institute, and Dynamic Results (feel free to web-search these organizations for additional information).
    Michael advises, coaches and works with leaders to manage personal, team, and organizational change. With deep expertise in emotional intelligence and crucial communication, Michael helps leaders navigate the complex and ever-changing dynamics of executive team and board relationships. He is often called upon to help leaders efficiently and effectively scale, merge, integrate and evolve their organizations.

    Michael uses an integral (or all-inclusive) approach that considers the multi-dimensional aspects of people, business and the socio-economic environment. This approach integrates key facets of human development (neurological, interpersonal, emotional, intellectual, ethical, physical and spiritual) in highly effective and efficient ways of developing leaders, the teams in which they work and the organizations they serve. Michael serves the international community by developing leaders and aligning resources to address issues related to ethics, poverty, HIV/AIDS and women’s empowerment. In addition, Michael works with the Integral Institute’s Business & Leadership Center to develop and disseminate ideas and applications that help organizations of all sizes to manage and succeed in our increasingly complex, ever-changing world.

    Throughout his career, Michael has designed and led major leadership, executive coaching, change, and learning projects for global and national clients, including American Airlines, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Exelon Energy, HSBC, Intel, Merck, MITRE, Motorola, Nortel Networks, Progressive Insurance, PwC, Sabre, Sepracor Pharmaceuticals, Schering-Plough, TXU, Texas Instruments, The Nature Conservancy, Unicredito Banca, Unilever, Wal-Mart, World Bank and YMCA. In addition, he has led major humanitarian projects, many for the United Nations, in regions around the globe: Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean.
    Michael is a truly global consultant – having lived and traveled all over the world. He is the son of a pilot, and has brought his love of exotic places to his wife Tracy and their children Cameron, Braeden and Kathryn. As a former hockey goaltender, he has cultivated the capacity to work well under extreme pressure. Michael received his doctorate in Organizational, Clinical and Experimental Psychology from the University of North Texas, and his Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Psychology from the University of Florida. He is a practicing licensed psychologist and a graduate of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland’s renowned Organizational Systems and Development program.