• The steady growth and increasing impact of CPMs in recent years has led midwives, midwifery educators and advocates to begin thinking anew about the future needs of the profession.  In 2010, the Association of Midwifery Educators (AME) surveyed midwifery educators across the U.S. to identify issues impacting the future of midwifery education.  At the same time, the National Association of CPMs (NACPM), hearing from members about the importance of Federal recognition, and learning from their work on Capitol Hill about the opportunities for influencing maternity care policy, realized that it was imperative to bring CPMs together to explore these issues.

    Since early 2011 a Convening Team of 8 women from AME and NACPM have met to conceive and carry the Symposium into being. With vision and passion, it is a privilege for them all to serve the CPM and midwifery community in this way. Members of the Convening Team include:

    Justine Clegg
    Mary Lawlor
    Suzy Myers
    Jo Anne Myers-Ciecko
    Gretchen Spicer
    Mary Yglesia
    Dolly Browder