Exciting Updates from Private Practice

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  • June 20, 2012 at 4:36 pm
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  • Private Practice: Health 2.0 Award Winners!

    Exciting Updates from Private Practice!
    Since speaking to us about the amazing opportunities for midwives in the Affordable Care Act and other federal initiatives, Brynne Potter, CPM and the folks at Private Practice – Electronic Charting for Midwives have gained the recognition and appreciation of the leaders in the HIT (Health Information Technology) movement.

    Health 2.0 Award Winner!
    With a former US Chief Technology Officer as one of the judges, Private Practice won a first place prize for it’s elegant use of health indicators data in the development of clinical decision support features at a Health 2.0 event in late March. http://getprivatepractice.com/news/health-2-0/

    Presenting to the US Secretary of Health!
    Their win at Health 2.0 earned them a spot among the “top 50 HIT innovators” at the Institute of Medicine and US Health and Human Services sponsored Health Data Initiative Forum in early June.  Attended by over 1600 leaders in the health policy field, including US Secretary of Health Kathleen Sibelius, and hundreds more by live webcast, Brynne gave a 20 minutes presentation on how an EHR based on midwifery care is the key to patient engagement and better outcomes for mothers and babies. Watch the video.

    “We are so excited to be able to have these opportunities to showcase midwifery care to the HIT community.  Our use of the “mirrored EHR”, where our clients see the chart, is the most simple and innovative ways to highlight our relationship-based model of care.  Midwives putting women at the center of their health record is the best way for us to lead the way in defining real patient engagement and value driven decision making”, said Potter.

    Meaningful Use Certification!
    A direct request of Private Practice that came out of the CPM Symposium Medicaid Work Group was to achieve Meaningful Use Certification. This goal was met on May 15th, with Private Practice being the first Specialized Maternity EHR to achieve Certification under federal ONC-HIT guidelines. An incredible step forward toward making it easier for midwives to provide services via Medicaid under HIPAA and HITECH requirements.


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