History Exhibit

  • The National Association of Certified Professional Midwives and the Association of Midwifery Educators prepared a CPM History Exhibit, an attempt to document the history of the Certified Professional Midwife in the US. The steady growth and increasing impact of CPMs in recent years has led midwives, midwifery educators and advocates to begin thinking anew about the future needs of the profession. This critical juncture calls for us to take stock of accomplishments and lessons from our history to help inform how best to move forward to effectively contribute to a new era in maternity care.

    The exhibit told this story from a multi-faceted perspective: personal and organizational, and from state and national points of view. Our aim was to represent the wide diversity of voices and experiences that comprise this history, across ages, race, ethnicity, urban and rural settings among others.
    The exhibit was composed of a video and an interactive “history walk”, chronicling the milestones in the development of direct-entry midwifery in the U.S., and the many achievements of individuals and organizations that have brought the profession to where it is today.

    Interactive History Walk:

    The walk included a series of displays depicting an historical timeline of the progression of Certified Professional Midwives, with dates, photos and explanation text of historical events. Along the timeline, participants were able to add personal experiences and details, such as when they started as a midwife, when they became a CPM, and where they currently practice or identifying themselves in photos and key documents. Other interactive methods may be used as the exhibit is developed.


    The video chronicled the beginning of CPM midwifery with interviews, photos and short video clips to complete the story. It will be available here on our website shortly.