Improving Birth Outcomes while Saving Money with Midwives: What One State is Doing

    Jeffery Thompson, MD, MPH presented via pre-recorded video on March 17th at 4:10pm.

    CMS is seeking ways to improve perinatal outcomes in the U.S. Dr. Thompson joined Certified Professional Midwives in a meeting in June 2011 with Dr. Berwick, then CMS Administrator, and his staff, to encourage CMS to include increased access to midwifery care in homes and birth centers as an important part of the solution. The majority of childbearing women in the U.S. are of low-risk health status, and yet they are typically treated with care more appropriate to high-risk status. When midwives and low-risk birth settings are provided for childbearing women, significant cost reduction and quality improvements result. Dr. Thompson will describe Washington State Medicaid’s commitment to improving consultation and referral relationships, support for the integration of midwives, and increasing women’s access to midwifery care and home/birth center birth to improve the quality of care for women and to reduce health care costs.