Browder, Dolly

  • Dolly Browder, CPM, LM began her social activism in the early 1970’s during her summers off from public school teaching. She started the first all female firefighting crew for the Forest Service and was featured in Mademoiselle magazine for “dangerous women’s jobs”. In the late-1970’s she worked for several years with a rape and battered women’s counseling center. During this time, she organized the first regional run exclusively for women and began training as a direct entry midwife.
    In 1989, she was instrumental in helping the Montana legislature write and implement the statute and regulations for licensed midwives. In 1991 she became the first licensed midwife in Montana and served as chair and vice-chair of the state licensing board for 14 years. She has trained many students of midwifery and helped establish a national professional organization (NACPM) for Certified Professional Midwives. She is currently working to promote the work and practice of CPMs through NACPM and the MAMA Campaign.