Daniels, Ellie

  • Ellie Daniels, CPM was moved to become a midwife following the unattended home birth of her daughter in 1978. With over thirty years of experience, she grew with the midwifery movement, becoming involved first with MANA and the beginnings of a state organization in Maine, and then joining the MEAC Board of Directors in 1998. She served eight years as the President of MEAC before stepping down in 2011. She is on the Steering Committee for the MAMA Campaign, focused on administration and fundraising. She has been on the faculty of Birthwise Midwifery School since its creation, with a teaching focus on the business of midwifery, advanced midwifery skills, and preserving traditional, community-based skills in modern midwifery practice.

    Ellie is keenly interested in influencing the culture of birth though ongoing community visibility and education, including helping to design a state-wide middle school health curriculum with a segment about normal birth. She has written a book for children about home birth called The New Baby Girl, illustrated by a big sister.

    In 1993, Ellie opened The Green Store in Belfast, ME, “a general store for the 21st century”. Her experience with “green” products and small business has greatly enriched her midwifery practice as well, leading her to understand the profound need for better preparation and support for midwives in the areas of business planning, marketing, and promotion.