Chalmers, Liz

  • Liz Chalmers is the administrator of the Washington State Midwifery &
    Birthing Center Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriting Association,
    which provides professional liability coverage to licensed midwives,
    nurse midwives, and freestanding birth centers. For the past eight
    years, she has provided business consulting, IT support, and financial
    management to the Puget Sound Birth Center in Kirkland, WA. She is
    also a childbirth educator, teaching almost 900 couples (mostly
    planning out of hospital births) over the past 6 years. She co-wrote
    “The Childbirth Kit” in 1994 and developed the client-tracking
    software “Midwifery Notes” in 2008.

    Liz lives in Redmond WA with her husband and four children, all caught
    by midwives. Once the last of those children have left home, she plans
    to enroll at Bastyr University and obtain her Masters in Midwifery.

    Prior to becoming fully immersed in the midwifery world, Liz was a
    hardware and software engineer. She received her BSc in Electronics
    from the University of York, England, and worked for Ferranti, British
    Telecom, and Microsoft