Farrell, Marinah

  • Marinah Valenzuela Farrell is a Licensed and Certified Professional Midwife in Arizona. Marinah’s formative memories are being political from a very young age against structures of power, and walks with her grandfather and mother looking for healing plants. Politics and traditional medicine is what led Marinah to midwifery, and Marinah continues in her commitment to activism.

    Currently, Marinah is working with the Midwives Alliance as the western region representative as well as local grassroots organizations. Some of her local current commitments include a partnership to offer free care through the Worker’s Rights Center, working with other grassroots groups on the issue of immigration, and the street medic group the Phoenix Urban Health Collective. Marinah is focused on the issue of lack of access to midwives, and the profession of midwifery, in communities where health disparities are overwhelming.

    Marinah has been the president of various non-profit boards, has worked in waterbirth centers and medical facilities doing international non-profit work, and owns a busy partnership practice in Tempe, Arizona that does homebirth and the occasional birth center birth.

    Marinah’s greatest joys and challenges are: working with traditional midwives, healers and medicine, everything about her two beloved teenage daughters, navigating the newly single life, and her mom’s delicious Mexican food.