Cadena, Micaela

  • Micaela is an hermana chicana from southern NM, now blessed to be living and loving in Albuquerque. Being a radical mama of two tiny beings brought her to homebirth and birthing justice. From a family of smart, strong, and compassionate women, Micaela believes that her privileges come with a social responsibility to work for a more just and loving world. Micaela is a graduate student in Community Planning at UNM and is writing a thesis on the access that low-income women of color have to homebirth in New Mexico. Micaela also coordinates campaign and policy work at Young Women United, a community organizing project for young women of color. YWU’s Mamas Justice Project includes a collective of women of color birth supporters who prioritize prenatal, labor, postpartum and breastfeeding support for young moms and pregnant women living through substance use. Through YWU’s Mamas Justice Project Micaela is leading an effort to provide incarcerated women with birth support, she also serves on the NM Task Force to improve outcomes for pregnant substance using women and their families. Micaela is proud to be part birth workers building the Nightingale Midwifery Clinic, an affordable care clinic where all women can receive midwifery care in a safe space, treated with respect and dignity through all life circumstances.