Rojas, Paula X.

  • Paula X. Rojas has 19 years of experience working as a community organizer. Born in Chile, passing through Houston, TX and Brooklyn, NY, she is currently based in Austin, TX. From the time she was a teen, Paula has been working on grassroots social justice issues affecting her own local community. Over the years she has co-founded various community non-profit organizations focused on issues affecting young and adult women of color including Sista II Sista, Pachamama and Community Birthing Project.

    Paula’s own personal experiences during pregnancy have led to her work (for the last 7 years) at the intersections of healthcare access, midwifery and community organizing. During the first half of her first pregnancy she experienced care under private insurance and then had to switch to Medicaid for the remainder of her pregnancy. Sista II Sista, the community organization that she was a part of had to lay-off its staff, due to funding cuts.

    After having worked on many issues, ranging from housing discrimination, to violence against women; Paula found the challenges and disparate access she faced during pregnancy to be key areas to be addressed in order to create a more just and equitable society. She decided to focus her community organizing work on birthing justice. She became a doula for low-income women, worked as a Childbirth Educator at the largest clinic for uninsured families in Austin and began organizing to address the disparities in pre-natal care and birth outcomes both locally and regionally. Currently she is an apprentice midwife and a member Mamas of Color Rising, a grassroots organization she co-founded in Austin, TX. She is currently working on the creation of a free holistic pre-natal health clinic with volunteer midwives, pre-natal dance and yoga classes and support groups for low-income women of color at the WIC centers in Austin. She has also been active on a campaign to get Texas Medicaid to cover midwifery care both in and out of hospitals.

    To support herself in reaching the goal of becoming a midwife, Paula works as a trainer for community and social organizations and has recently launched Mama Baila (Dance Mama!) a pre-natal and postpartum dance and fitness program. She is the mother of two amazing children, Xue-li and Camino.