Symposium Speakers

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    • Browder, Dolly

      Browder, Dolly 

      Dolly Browder, CPM, LM began her social activism in the early 1970’s during her summers off from public school teaching. She started the first all female firefighting crew for the Forest Service and was featured in Mademoiselle magazine for “dangerous women’s jobs”. In the late-1970’s she worked for several years with a rape and battered women’s counseling center. During this time, she organized the first regional run exclusively for women and began training as a direct entry midwife. In 1989, she was instrumental in helping the Montana legislature write and implement the statute and regulati

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    • Burkhardt, Patricia

      Burkhardt, Patricia 

      Patricia Burkhardt, LM, CM, DrPH a midwife with a doctorate in Public Health, has been engaged in the care of women and in the education process for more than 30 years. She worked internationally for over 14 years, mainly in Latin America, where she influenced the quality of women’s health care through both education and practice. Since her return to the US 25 years ago, Dr. Burkhardt worked for 8 years as Director of the Midwifery Service of Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center before she moved to New York University in 1994 to develop and open the Midwifery Education Program of the Divisi

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    • Cadena, Micaela

      Cadena, Micaela 

      Micaela is an hermana chicana from southern NM, now blessed to be living and loving in Albuquerque. Being a radical mama of two tiny beings brought her to homebirth and birthing justice. From a family of smart, strong, and compassionate women, Micaela believes that her privileges come with a social responsibility to work for a more just and loving world. Micaela is a graduate student in Community Planning at UNM and is writing a thesis on the access that low-income women of color have to homebirth in New Mexico. Micaela also coordinates campaign and policy work at Young Women United, a communi

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    • exhibitor - Cha, Stephen

      Cha, Stephen 

      Chief Medical Officer, Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services Stephen Cha, MD, MHS is the current Chief Medical Officer for the Center on Medicaid and CHIP Services and provides clinical input and guidance for the health coverage for nearly 60 million people who are served by these programs.  Dr. Cha also promotes health transformation and modernization of the Medicaid and CHIP programs through delivery and payment reforms, and quality initiatives. Previously, he served as senior professional staff for the Committee on Energy and Commerce under Chairman Henry A. Waxman and was responsible

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    • Chalmers, Liz

      Chalmers, Liz 

      Liz Chalmers is the administrator of the Washington State Midwifery & Birthing Center Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriting Association, which provides professional liability coverage to licensed midwives, nurse midwives, and freestanding birth centers. For the past eight years, she has provided business consulting, IT support, and financial management to the Puget Sound Birth Center in Kirkland, WA. She is also a childbirth educator, teaching almost 900 couples (mostly planning out of hospital births) over the past 6 years. She co-wrote "The Childbirth Kit" in 1994 and developed the

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    • Cheyney, Melissa

      Cheyney, Melissa 

      Melissa Cheyney, PhD, CPM, LDM is an Assistant Professor of Medical Anthropology at Oregon State University. She received her doctorate from the University of Oregon in 2005, where her research examined the U.S. Homebirth Movement. Dr. Cheyney is a Certified Professional Midwife, Chair of the Board of Direct-entry Midwifery for the State of Oregon, and the author of the recently published ethnography, Born at Home.

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    • Clegg, Justine

      Clegg, Justine 

      Justine Clegg, MS, LM, CPM, is a Florida Licensed Midwife, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and Certified Lactation Counselor with over 35 years experience in maternal-child healthcare, homebirth and education. She lives in Miami, FL and Asheville, NC with husband Jim Brinkman. She is currently AME Board secretary, and most recently Academic Director for Commonsense Childbirth School of Midwifery in FL. As Midwives Association of Florida “founding mother” (1979) Justine helped write and pass Florida’s midwifery licensing law, start the South Florida School of Midwifery, and was Administrativ

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    • Cook Barreiro, Sherrill Katsi

      Cook Barreiro, Sherrill Katsi 

      Sherrill Katsi Cook Barreiro, is an enrolled member of the Mohawk community of Akweasne at the U.S./Canadian border where her community is trisected by 3 governmental jurisdictions: New York State, Southwester Quebec, and Southeastern Ontario. She is an Aboriginal midwife and elder member of the National Aboriginal Council of Midwives (NACM) of the Canadian Association of Midwives (CAM). Katsi served as a professional member of the Interim Regulatory Council of the College of Midwives of Ontario in 1993-1994 until the Midwifery Act was proclaimed, establishing the College of Midwives of Ontar

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    • Daniels, Ellie

      Daniels, Ellie 

      Ellie Daniels, CPM was moved to become a midwife following the unattended home birth of her daughter in 1978. With over thirty years of experience, she grew with the midwifery movement, becoming involved first with MANA and the beginnings of a state organization in Maine, and then joining the MEAC Board of Directors in 1998. She served eight years as the President of MEAC before stepping down in 2011. She is on the Steering Committee for the MAMA Campaign, focused on administration and fundraising. She has been on the faculty of Birthwise Midwifery School since its creation, with a teaching fo

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    • Darragh, Ida

      Darragh, Ida 

      Ida Darragh, CPM, is a member of the board of the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM), currently serving as chair of the board and director of testing. She has been a licensed midwife in Arkansas since 1985, and a CPM since 1996. She has served several terms as chair of the Midwives Advisory Board at the Arkansas Department of Health, and in various capacities on the board of the Arkansas Association of Midwives. NARM is a certification agency which issues the nationally accredited credential, Certified Professional Midwife (CPM). The CPM credential i

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    • exhibitor - Dawe, Chris

      Dawe, Chris 

      Chris Dawe, Director, Delivery System Reform, US Department of Health & Human Services Chris Dawe is the Director of Delivery System Reform at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service’s Office of Health Reform, where he supports the implementation of the elements of the Affordable Care Act that seek to foster the delivery of higher quality, more affordable healthcare. Before joining the Administration, Mr. Dawe served as a Professional Staff Member at the Senate Finance Committee for Chairman Max Baucus of Montana. During his tenure at the Finance Committee, Mr. Dawe was responsible

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    • DeVries, Sherry

      DeVries, Sherry 

      Sherry DeVries, CPM, LM, CNM is a midwife, mother, midwifery educator and birth activist. Sherry has been attending homebirths since the mid 1980s. She currently serves on the Midwives Alliance Board of Directors as the Region 4 representative. Sherry is currently teaching and developing a one of a kind Direct Entry Midwife program at Southwest Wisconsin Technical College in Wisconsin for the purpose of educating new and aspiring midwives. Sherry has four children and lives in Fennimore, Wisconsin

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    • Farrell, Marinah

      Farrell, Marinah 

      Marinah Valenzuela Farrell is a Licensed and Certified Professional Midwife in Arizona. Marinah's formative memories are being political from a very young age against structures of power, and walks with her grandfather and mother looking for healing plants. Politics and traditional medicine is what led Marinah to midwifery, and Marinah continues in her commitment to activism. Currently, Marinah is working with the Midwives Alliance as the western region representative as well as local grassroots organizations. Some of her local current commitments include a partnership to offer free care th

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    • Fillmore, Heidi

      Fillmore, Heidi 

      Heidi Fillmore, CPM, has been a practicing home birth midwife in Maine since 1987. She founded and is current director of Birthwise Midwifery School, a MEAC accredited direct-entry midwifery school in Bridgton, Maine. She is on the board of directors of the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council and in that capacity has been working with a committee looking at the ICM Core Competencies as they compare to MEAC's current curriculum standards.

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    • Fisher, Timothy J.

      Fisher, Timothy J. 

      Timothy J. Fisher, MC, FACOG I am a general Obstetrician-Gynecologist and the chair of Women’s Health services at Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic in Keene, New Hampshire. We are an integrated practice of 5 MD’s and 5 CNM’s who attend approximately 500 births per year in a community hospital setting. We are also fortunate to have several high-quality out-of-hospital birth providers practicing in nearby communities. As a steering committee member of the Northern New England Perinatal Quality Improvement Network (NNEPQIN), I’ve been involved in recent efforts to improve

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    • Flynn, Cynthia Bullock

      Flynn, Cynthia Bullock 

      Cynthia Bullock Flynn, CNM, PhD is the Clinic Director of the District of Columbia’s only freestanding birth center, the Family Health and Birth Center, now a part of Community of Hope. Through its midwifery model of care, the FHBC has significantly reduced cesarean section rates, preterm birth and low birth weight infants. Cynthia came to the position well-qualified to lead the groundbreaking FHBC, which is located in Ward 5 of the District’s northeast quadrant.  Dr. Flynn is a nurse-midwife and most recently an Associate Professor of Nursing at Seattle University. There she not only taught,

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    • Ganges, Frances

      Ganges, Frances 

      Frances Ganges, MPH, CNM A midwife with more than 25 years’ experience, Frances Ganges is Director, Technical Oversight and Support at the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood (WRA). There she provides technical leadership to the WRA Global Secretariat and country alliances. Frances has been involved with numerous global programs, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. For example, she was the primary tutor at a nurse and midwifery training school in rural Uganda. She also served as lead author for a newborn care training publication in her role as Senior Newborn Health Advisor at Save

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    • Guzmán, Yesenia

      Guzmán, Yesenia 

      Yesenia Guzmán is in her last year of midwifery school at Bastyr University, where she will earn a Master of Science in Midwifery. Her calling to midwifery came through the amazing experience of her own pregnancy and homebirth. Yesenia hopes to empower the communities she serves using the midwifery model of care. She has apprenticed with Health Foundations in St. Paul, MN, San Antonio Birth Center in San Antonio, TX and is currently finishing up at Mount Vernon Birth Center in Mount Vernon, WA. The challenging journey of being a student midwife inspired Yesenia to use her Master’s capstone

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    • Hartwell, Kate

      Hartwell, Kate 

      Kate Hartwell, CPM, NHCM I am an apprentice trained, direct entry midwife certified as a CPM through the PEP program. I am also a NH Certified Midwife and owner of Concord Birth Center in Concord, NH. I was called to midwifery at an early age but began my pursuit in my late 20s. I teach prenatal yoga in my community. I want to focus my career on developing this birth community and helping to encourage lasting connections between my clients, friends, and neighbors.

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    • Jessup, Debbie

      Jessup, Debbie 

      Debbie Jessup, CNM has over 30 years experience in midwifery, women’s health and health policy. Since 2005 she has been employed as a Health Legislative Specialist in the office of Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard. In that position, she has been actively engaged in health appropriations work as well as helping the Congresswoman to develop and pass several pieces of health legislation. Most recently Deb helped conceptualize and draft the Maximizing Optimal Maternity Services (MOMS) for the 21st Century Act, which was first introduced in the 111th Congress. In Deb’s early ca

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    • Jones, Savita

      Jones, Savita 

      Savita Jones, CPM, LM is a second generation midwife and has attended births at home every year of her life. She grew up with her mother, Virginia Priest, a midwife, who has been at the forefront of midwifery in Wisconsin since its ‘resurgence’ in the early 1970’s. Savita was well aware of the commitment she made when she began her primary care practice in 1992 at age 19; following a formal four year apprenticeship, assisting several senior midwives, and an internship at Casa de Nacimiento. She became a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) with the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM)

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    • Joseph, Jennie

      Joseph, Jennie 

      Jennie Joseph, LM, CPM a British-trained midwife and women’s health advocate, moved to the United States in 1989 and began a journey which has culminated in the formation of an innovative maternal child healthcare system, The JJ Way®. She is the Executive Director of The Birth Place a free-standing birthing facility in Winter Garden, Florida as well as her own non-profit corporation Commonsense Childbirth Inc. Due to the poor birth outcomes experienced by low income and uninsured women she has established an outreach clinic for pregnant women who are at risk of not receiving prenatal ca

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    • Kane Low, Lisa

      Kane Low, Lisa 

      Lisa Kane Low, PhD, CNM is the Director of the midwifery education program at the University of Michigan where she is an Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing and the Department of Women’s Studies. She has her undergraduate degree in nursing and doctorate in women’s health and women’s studies from the University of Michigan. Her Master’s degree in midwifery is from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She held an NIH post-doctoral position as an interdisciplinary scholar in Women’s Health from 2001-2003, also at UM. She has extensive teaching experience, receiving teaching awards for

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    • Kelley, Patrick W.

      Kelley, Patrick W. 

      Patrick W. Kelley, MD, DrPH, joined the Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the US National Academies in July 2003 as the Director of the Board on Global Health. He has subsequently also been appointed the Director of the Board on African Science Academy Development. Dr. Kelley has overseen a portfolio of IOM expert consensus studies and convening activities on subjects as wide ranging as: the evaluation of the US emergency plan for international AIDS relief (PEPFAR), the US commitment to global health, sustainable surveillance for zoonotic infections, cardiovascular disease prevention in low- an

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    • Kennedy, Holly

      Kennedy, Holly 

      Holly Powell Kennedy, CNM, PhD, FACNM, FAAN is the current President of the American College of Nurse-Midwives and is the inaugural Helen Varney Professor of Midwifery at Yale University School of Nursing. She became a midwife 27 years ago after spending a year working at the Frontier Nursing Service where she learned a unique and powerful model of care. She is committed to assuring that all women have access to high quality and safe midwifery care, and to a society in which a woman announces her pregnancy that the first question she is confronted with, is “Who’s your midwife?” Dr. Kennedy

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    • Lawlor, Mary

      Lawlor, Mary 

      Mary Lawlor, CPM, LM, MA is a Certified Professional Midwife in private homebirth practice since 1981 in southern Vermont and New Hampshire, and is the owner of the Monadnock Birth Center in Swanzey, NH.  She also holds a Masters Degree in Counseling.  Mary was active in successful legislative efforts to license midwives in both Vermont and New Hampshire, and serves as a Midwife Advisor to the Office of Professional Regulation in Vermont, helping to oversee the practice of midwifery in the state.  She is a founding board member of the National Association of Certifie

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    • Levine, Audrey

      Levine, Audrey 

      Audrey Levine, LM, CPM has been a licensed midwife since 2001. She received her BA from Stanford University in 1984 and her midwifery training at the Seattle Midwifery School from 1998-2000. She practices in Olympia, WA and attends births both at home and in freestanding birth centers. Since 2005, Audrey has served as co-chair of the Physician-Midwife Workgroup, under the auspices of the Washington State Perinatal Advisory Committee. In that capacity, and as President of the Midwives' Association of Washington State (MAWS) since 2009, Audrey

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    • MacDorman, Marian

      MacDorman, Marian 

      Marian MacDorman, Ph.D is a senior statistician and researcher in the Reproductive Statistics Branch at the National Center for Health Statistics, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Marian has published extensively on home and out-of-hospital birth, cesarean section, induction of labor, preterm birth, infant, fetal and perinatal mortality, and other topics related to the birthing process. Her latest publication on home birth is: MacDorman MF, Declercq E, Mathews TJ. US Home Births Increase 20% from 2004 to 2008. Birth 2011;38:1-6. Marian is a member of the editorial board for the

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    • Mazoué, James

      Mazoué, James 

      Dr. James Mazoué is Director of the Office of Online Programs at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. His office manages online faculty development and learning technology services and support, strategic planning for the University’s online certificate and degree programs, online course and program development, and the implementation of policies on the application and evaluation of effective teaching and learning practices. An educator who has taught at the college-level for over 35 years, he has served on the Virginia State Council of Higher Education’s Learning Technology Advisory

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    • Monroe, Shafia M.

      Monroe, Shafia M. 

      Shafia M. Monroe, CM is a certified midwife, motivational speaker, health activist, childbirth educator and doula trainer. She holds a BA, in sociology from the University of Massachusetts, and is completing her Master's in Public Health. She is the mother of seven children and the grandmother of six. Born in Boston, Massachusetts but raised in the tradition of the Deep South, Shafia has always felt an affinity to the elders and sought their oral histories on family values, spiritual practices, and birth traditions. She uses their wisdom as a traditional midwife to create healthy families from

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    • Myers, Suzy

      Myers, Suzy 

      Suzy Myers, LM, CPM, MPH has over 30 years of experience as a midwife, midwifery educator and advocate. She co-founded Seattle Midwifery School in 1978, where she developed curriculum and taught core courses. The home and birth center practice she established with her partner Marge Mansfield,, has provided midwifery care to over 2000 families and also serves as a clinical training site.  In 1988 she earned a Master’s degree in Public Health from the Maternal Child Health Program at the Univer

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    • Myers-Ciecko, Jo Anne

      Myers-Ciecko, Jo Anne 

      Jo Anne Myers-Ciecko, MPH, is the Executive Director of the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council.  She was a founding member of MEAC in 1991 and has participated in the accreditation review of eighteen different institutions and programs over the last ten years.  She represented MEAC on the coordinating committee of the National Certification Taskforce, which established standards for Certified Professional Midwives in 1994.  Prior to assuming a staff position at MEAC, Jo Anne spent twenty years as Executive Director at the Seattle Midwifery School.  She also held a faculty position, teac

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    • Potter, Brynne

      Potter, Brynne 

      Brynne Potter, CPM started midwifery training with an apprenticeship in 1991. In 2005, she received her CPM certification through the Portfolio Evaluation Process (PEP) from the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM). From 2002-2005 she also served as the Legislative Coordinator for the Commonwealth Midwives Alliance (CMA), lobbying legislators to pass the CPM licensure bill. The bill passed and she received her Virginia license in early 2006. Brynne currently sits on the Board of Directors for the NARM, the credentialing agency that oversees the CPM creden

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    • Ridd-Young, Kristi

      Ridd-Young, Kristi 

      President Midwives College of Utah, Vice-President MEAC Board of Directors, her passion in life is helping others have freedom of choice based on the understanding of all available alternatives. Since beginning her perinatal education career over 25 years ago, Kristi has dedicated herself to educating midwives, doulas and childbirth educators to become technical experts while developing professional excellence and personal greatness. She is currently the president of the Midwives College of Utah and serves as a board member of MEAC (Midwifery Education Accreditation Council). Kristi has been

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    • Robinson, Karen

      Robinson, Karen 

      Karen Robinson, BA, CPM, RM is a Colorado Registered Midwife and maintains an active practice in and around Boulder County, Colorado. She has been President of the Colorado Midwives Association since 2007 and successfully shepherded the Colorado Midwives Registration Act, first passed in 1993, through its fourth legislative renewal process in 2011, resulting in significant increases in the scope of practice for homebirth midwives in Colorado.

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    • Rojas, Paula X.

      Rojas, Paula X. 

      Paula X. Rojas has 19 years of experience working as a community organizer. Born in Chile, passing through Houston, TX and Brooklyn, NY, she is currently based in Austin, TX. From the time she was a teen, Paula has been working on grassroots social justice issues affecting her own local community. Over the years she has co-founded various community non-profit organizations focused on issues affecting young and adult women of color including Sista II Sista, Pachamama and Community Birthing Project. Paula’s own personal experiences during pregnancy have led to her work (for the last 7 years)

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    • Romano, Amy

      Romano, Amy 

      Amy Romano, CNM, MSN has worked in the maternity care field as a clinician, research analyst, educator, and consumer advocate since 2001. In 2010, she joined Childbirth Connection, where she directs the Transforming Maternity Care Partnership and works on a broad range of program activities. Prior to joining Childbirth Connection, Amy spent six years as a perinatal research and advocacy consultant to Lamaze International, during which she analyzed, summarized, and critically appraised research for the Lamaze community and launched Lamaze’s award-winning research blog, Science & Sensibility

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    • Sakala, Carol

      Sakala, Carol 

      Carol Sakala, PhD, MSPH has worked to improve maternity care as a researcher, educator, author, policy analyst, and advocate for over twenty-five years. Since 2000, she has been Director of Programs at Childbirth Connection, working with colleagues and partners to advance Childbirth Connection's mission of improving the quality and value of maternity care through consumer engagement and health system transformation (, Carol i

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    • Sasson, Valerie

      Sasson, Valerie 

      Valerie Sasson, LM, CPM has been co-owner and resident midwife at the Puget Sound Birth Center in Kirkland, Washington, since 1998. In addition to enjoying a full and satisfying home and free-standing midwifery practice Valerie served as Chair of the Board of Directors for the Washington State Midwifery & Birthing Center Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriting Association from 2002-2012, is a member of the Board of Directors of the Midwives Association of Washington and adjunct faculty in the Midwifery Department at Bastyr University (formerly the Seattle Midwifery School). Originally fro

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    • Schlinger, Hilary

      Schlinger, Hilary 

      Hilary Schlinger, CNM, CPM, MS is a Certified Nurse Midwife (ACNM), a Certified Professional Midwife (NARM) and a Registered Nurse. She holds midwifery and nursing licenses in both New York and New Mexico. She first became licensed as an L.M in New Mexico in 1982 and attended approximately 1000 out-of-hospital births from 1982-2011. She has also provided well woman care for hundreds of women, both privately and in clinical settings. Hilary holds a BS from Cornell University, an AS in Nursing from Regents College, an AS from the National College of Midwifery, and a Master of Science in Midwifer

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    • Seals Allers, Kimberly

      Seals Allers, Kimberly 

      Kimberly Seals Allers is a leading authority on issues relating to modern, mothers of color, author of The Mocha Manual™ series of books and founder of, a daily parenting and lifestyle destination and blog for African American moms and moms-to-be. An award-winning journalist, Kimberly is also popular public speaker and consultant on the mom of color market, and fiercely committed to the fight to reduce the high infant and maternal mortality rates and increase the low breastfeeding rates in the African American community. In addition to her popular blog on

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    • Sealy, Camille

      Sealy, Camille 

      Camille Sealy most recently served as a Health Policy Advisor to Senator Harkin, Chairman of the Senate Health Education, Labor & Pensions Committee. She managed health issues related to maternal and child health, workforce, rural health and aging. Before joining the Senate, Camille was a Policy Associate at the non-profit foundation, Partnership for a Healthier America, where she focused on early childhood issues. Prior to the Partnership, Camille spent two years as a Louis Stokes Urban Health Policy Congressional Black Caucus Fellow in the House of Representatives where handled public healt

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    • Simkins, Geradine

      Simkins, Geradine 

      Geradine Simkins, DEM, CNM, MSN is an activist, midwife, author and visionary. She began as a self-taught homebirth midwife in 1976, was a direct-entry midwife for 20 years, and became a nurse-midwife in the mid-1990s. She has owned and operated Birthways Midwifery for over 30 years, a midwifery service that specializes in home birth. She was also co-founder and staff midwife at a freestanding birth center. Geradine is keenly interested in public health midwifery, particularly strategies for overcoming healthcare disparities and engendering a more equitable maternity care system for all mother

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    • Tashjian, Christy

      Tashjian, Christy 

      Christy Tashjian RN, CPM, LM is a homebirth midwife in central Texas. She serves as 2nd VP on the Midwives Alliance BOD and as a committee member of the Scientific and Professional Program committee for the International Confederation of Midwives Triennial Congress in Prague, 2014. She lives in Austin, Texas on a farmette with her two children.

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    • Thompson, Joyce E. (Beebe)

      Thompson, Joyce E. (Beebe) 

      Dr. Joyce Beebe Thompson, DrPH, RN, CNM, FAAN, FACNM is an international consultant in midwifery, women’s health, nursing, and health care ethics, primarily in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. Her current focus is on midwifery education and the preparation of competent, caring teachers for the health professions. Joyce has over 40 years of international midwifery practice, teaching and consultation with an emphasis on promoting Safe Motherhood throughout the world. She conducted the 2-year Delphi study for the International Confederation of Midwives that resulted in the ICM Global Standar

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    • Vedam, Saraswathi

      Vedam, Saraswathi 

      Saraswathi Vedam, RM, FACNM, MSN, Sci D (h.c) is the Director of the Division of Midwifery in the Department of Family Practice, University of British Columbia, and founder of the UBC Midwifery Faculty Practice, Birth & Beyond. Over the last 27 years, she has cared for families in the U.S., the Netherlands, India, and Canada in a variety of private and public health care settings. She serves as chair of the Homebirth Section of the ACNM Division of Standards and Practice, and as Senior Consultant on the MANA Division of Research Coordinating Council. Professor Vedam is a committed educator w

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    • Weeks, John

      Weeks, John 

      John Weeks co-founded and serves as the executive director of the Academic Consortium for Complementary and Alternative Health Care (ACCAHC) of which MEAC is a member and with which NARM has participated. Weeks is also a blogger at Huffington Post and publisher-editor of the Integrator Blog News & Reports, the leading resource on policy and business activity related to integrative health care. Weeks has worked as writer, as organizer and in various executive capacities in this field for 27 years. He has held consulting relati

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    • Wynne, William K.

      Wynne, William K. 

      Billy Wynne is Senior Vice President and Principal at Health Policy Source, Inc.   Mr. Wynne has a wealth of government and private sector experience in developing and drafting federal healthcare policy and implementing strategic policy objectives.   He also has tremendous experience working with key policy making officials at the highest levels of government. Prior to serving at Health Policy Source, Mr. Wynne served as Health Policy Counsel to the Senate Finance Committee and its Chairman, Max Baucus.  In that capacity, he advised Senator Baucus and other Committee members on key health c

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    • Yglesia, Mary

      Yglesia, Mary 

      Mary Yglesia is a graduate of the Seattle Midwifery School (SMS), practiced midwifery briefly in Eastern Washington returning to the school to serve as a school administrator. She was a past Executive Director of SMS and is now the Preceptor Coordinator and Program Supervisor of Bastyr University's Department of Midwifery where she oversees and facilitates the preceptors and the clinical education of the students in the program. She is on the board of directors of the Association of Midwifery Educators (AME), the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council (MEAC) and the Seattle Girls' Choir. S

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