Video Vignettes

Integrating & Centering the Needs of Childbearing People

Integrating & Centering the Needs of Childbearing People

Activity: 1-minute self-submission Video Vignettes

The 2018 CPM Symposium is centered around the question: What are the most critical and urgent needs of childbearing people and how can CPMs position ourselves to meet these needs? As such, it is imperative that the voices of childbearing people be integrated and centered during Symposium activities. To help accomplish this, we are seeking the opinions and experiences of birthing families.  When we meet in May will be working together to plan for midwifery’s future and we need your voice to help inform and guide this work.

We are inviting you to submit to submit a 1-minute video of your childbearing story in response to one of the following questions. The videos will serve as learning vignettes for Symposium participants and help to center the needs, challenges, hopes, and fears of childbearing families.

Questions to consider:

  1. What is most important to you about your experience of giving birth?
  2. Were you able to access and receive the kind of care you wanted or needed for your pregnancies and births?  What barriers did you experience in accessing the kind of prenatal or birth care you needed or wanted?
  3. What changes are needed to improve access to CPM care for more families having babies in the US?
  4. What is your hope for childbirth in the future?



Videos will be self-made, and shared in a “gallery” on the Symposium website where participants and the public can view videos prior to traveling to Washington DC.

  1. To help protect everyone’s privacy please do not include full names.
  2. Submit your 1-minute video by posting it to YouTube, Facebook, Apple iCloud, or Google.
  3. Send your video link to Tiffany Pertillar at In your email please tell Tiffany which question number you are answering in your video.

Selected videos may also be chosen to be included in a video compilation that will be shown to Symposium participants. NACPM and its convening partners reserve the right to withhold posting a video or pull from the website any videos that contain inappropriate language, slander, or content that is brought to our attention as inappropriate. If you would like to see further feedback collected for the CPM Symposium 2018 please read our survey summary.

We look forward to viewing your videos!